Kokum’s Secret

Sonontherapy with Drumming Sessions by Kokum’s Secret are $100.00  per session.  For more information or to schedule your session by calling or texting 705-262-0974 or message us on Facebook Page at G’s Carpet Cleaning & Services “We don’t cut corners we clean them”  

Introducing the Unity Drum for Sonotherapy by Kokum’s Secret.

“The Unity Drum reconnects us with our primary forces, the life force itself. This link with nature opens a sacred space within us, often forgotten, that connects us the earth and the sky. In this space emerges the memories of our unconscious in a symbolic and visible way through our emotions, our wounds, our sorrow, our fears.

The beating of The Unity Drum helps release of these facets related to our conscious and unconscious which we are ready to let go. The Sound Vibration Practitioner at Kokum’s Secret can work with The Unity Drum as a transmutation medium to help the client find his/hers own Inner Source.”

Kokum’s Secret is a parent company of G’s Carpet Cleaning & services.  Kokum’s Secret is a company that creates unique blends of products made from 100% absolute and essential oils. It was through inspiration of endless hours of researching clinical findings of the proprieties of each oil that began the creation of our unique blends and also the development for our oils for the Chakra line.

My paternal grand mother(Kokum) was a great believer of natural products and she instilled her beliefs in my life teachings during our few and precious visits together.  She passed on a legacy to me.  My Kokum’s dreams were that all her children, grand children and her only great grandson at the time my son would be educated.  She married young and she gave birth to 11 children.  She became a widow at the age of 56.  That’s when she began to really live and have a life.  Women’s right was not so evident back then.  She was a very brave woman and she went to get her driving permit when she was 56.  She also was a very hard worker and got a job at the senior’s home residence in Maniwaki.  She helped in the kitchen and afterwards cleaned throughout the manor.  She also volunteered  as what we would call her position today a personal support work.  Later on, in life she went to school to learn to read and write.  When she left for her better place at the age of 70 she had completed her grade 3 level of education and she was very proud of all her certificates and accomplishments.  My father has the best souvenir of all as her first letter was written to him.  My father is the eldest.  My mother still has her certificates to this day.

My maternal grandmother was of Acadian descent and she was from les Iles de la Madeleine.  She was a very wise woman.  She instilled a lot important lessons to me also.  When she got married, she had a choice of a lot of land on the islands or a cow.  Her husband already owned land so she chose the cow.  She was to sell the cow for ferry tickets off the island for her husband, her daughter (my mother) and herself to get to Montreal in order to make their way  to Val d’Or so my grandfather could work in the mines.  The Acadians were also known for making their own products such as soap.

Going back to nature as our descendants did, we began to make our own cleaning product with 100%  absolute and essentials oils.  Our first product was GSOLVE™ and it was created by G’s Carpet Cleaning & Services.  GSOLVE™ was created to help keep the cost down when I was no longer be part of the workforce due to my injuries sustained in the MVA (motor vehicle accident).  We wanted to continue offering quality service at affordable rates to our clients.  Clients really enjoyed GSOLVE™ and thus began the evolution of GSOLVE™ with its Trademark and labels. 

It was very exciting creating Kokum’s Secret the parent company to G’s Carpet Cleaning & Services today.

We would like to thank Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund and North Claybelt CFDC/SADC Vision +  for grants to help us expand.

Also I am very grateful for both my grandmothers for my heritage.