Welcome to G’s Carpet Cleaning & Services


G’s Carpet Cleaning and Service has a history in Timmins of providing top quality service as well as small town hospitality to our customers.

In 1987, G became a sales rep for Electrolux Canada and eventually became a sales coordinator.
In 1991 she was asked to become the sales manager and service coordinator where she had to learn how to fix vacuums and be trained on the solutions that make up the cleaning products.

In 1993 G was picked one of the top 10 in Canada (for exceeding quotas and going beyond customer expectations) to attend a conference in Vegas during a time when mechanical devices were being replaced with computerized electronics.

In 1995, G was promoted to a division service manager here in Timmins.

In 1997, Electrolux Canada HQ had been moved to Georgia and because of cutbacks, the Timmins location was shut down.

We’ve always maintained our relationship with Electrolux Canada which is now Aerus/Electrolux and continue to offer their products to our customers.

G loved the product and recognized the need for a premium vacuum and shampooer so she built her own machines and opened G’s Carpet Cleaning and Services.

Meeting customers needs was the primary motivator of our growth. As demands increased, so did our level and quality of service.

In 1999, we hired our first employee.

In 2007, G was the unfortunate victim of a motor vehicle accident, forcibly removing her from the workforce herself. However, this proved to be a source of growth for the company as she was then thrust into a position of having to hire extra staff and step back to focus on and run the business.

We were fortunate to have a millright on board who will be able to continue on the legacy of our Aerus Electrolux level of quality service.